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Receding gums or gum recession can make a smile less attractive and put teeth at risk. To have receding gums means your gum line is too close to the roots of your teeth. A gum graft with our dentists can fix it.

Gum recession occurs for different reasons: Tooth decay, gum disease, genetics, illness and injury and symptoms can vary. The gums may get swollen or bleed. The teeth may appear overly large or uneven. Greater tooth sensitivity to hot and cold is also associated with receding gums.

A gum graft procedure with our dentists can lengthen your gum line for a prettier smile and teeth that are better protected. It works by taking healthy oral tissue from your own mouth or a tissue bank and grafting it to areas where there is gum recession.

Gum Grafting Treatments for Receding Gums

1. Connective-tissue grafting: our dentists often prefer to perform this procedure to reverse gum recession. A little flap of tissue is cut on the roof the mouth. Some tissue from underneath the flap is removed and attached to the receding gums. The flap is sewn back in place.

2. Free gingival grafting: our dentists are likely to suggest this treatment for receding gums when the patient’s gum tissue is thinner than usual. Some soft tissue is removed right from the roof of the mouth (no flap) and attached to the areas where there is gum recession.

3. Pedicle grafting: our dentists may choose this graft to repair gum recession for patients who still have some viable gum tissue at the receding gums site. A flap, called a pedicure, is made right at the gum line. The flap is stretched over the tooth roots and secured with sutures.

Recovery after Gum Recession Treatment

A gum graft will cause some temporary tenderness. A mild drugstore pain reliever is usually enough to ease the discomfort. If not, our dentists may suggest something stronger. Eat soft foods (eggs, shakes, gelatin, yogurt, pasta) and no brushing or flossing the places where you had gum recession until they are fully healed. Use the special mouthwash to control plaque.

Get a better, healthier smile with a gum recession treatment from our dentists. Call us today for a consultation.

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